It’s very easy to look at reality as something that is just handed to us. If our parents were abusive, alcoholics, or addicts, it’s very easy and natural for people to think that’s just the world that they were born in. They’re just unlucky. That’s just the way things are. Life is a giant a lottery and guess what? They ended up being handed the losing ticket. Talk about a very weak and a self-defeating mindset.

The sad reality is the majority of people on this planet believe this at some level or other. They’re not going to say it straight out to your face in the same words that I used but they will use something similar. They basically will tell you that the reality is what it is. What you see is what you get. You’re stuck with the reality that you have and guess what? That reality is the same for everybody else. This is objective fact.

What if I told you that’s wrong? What if I told you that two people who look at the same set of facts can walk away with two totally different interpretations? They’re still dealing with the same objective reality, right? How come they have totally different interpretations?

What if one person, upon seeing a nice-looking Ferrari said, “There’s no way I can afford that. I’m too poor. My parents are poor. Everybody I know is poor. Life sucks! The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer. My lot in life is to simply just watch all the lucky people get life’s rewards.” Sounds pretty damning, right? Sounds like a pretty realistic assessment of his life.

What if I told you that another person looked at the same thing but said, “How can I afford that Ferrari? This person did not condemn himself or herself to not getting the Ferrari. Instead, this person asked a question. Put in another way, the person is asking, “How can I work with what I have and the problem-solving capabilities that I was born with to get this thing? How do I achieve this? What do I have to go through. What things do I need to build. What process do I have to go through? What kind of person do I have to become?”

When you ask those questions, things are possible because they tap into your almost unlimited human imagination resources and creativity. It’s all in your head. This is how we edit our reality because when we adopt certain mindsets, we condemn ourselves to certain realities. No amount of sweet-talking, no amount of counterexamples, and no amount of pep talks will make those people change their minds because they think that reality is the way it is.

No, it’s more changeable than you care to realize and it all begins with an active choice. It’s all about your mindset. Choose your mindset and you end up choosing your reality. That’s how powerful your mind is. it can bend and edit reality.

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