Subconscious Power

Unleash the Power of Now

One of the worst things that you could ever do to yourself is to constantly say “not yet.” You may be thinking, “Well, we live in a time where instant delivery Amazon packages as well fifteen-minute pizza deliveries are the […]

Inner Peace

5 Tips to Teach Yourself Patience

“I love when a plan comes together.” – Johon “Hannibal” Smit. The hard definition of patience is the “capacity of calm endurance (Websters New Riverside University Dictionary, 1984).” Basically, to be patient is to: handle affliction, and inconvenience be forever understanding […]

Subconscious Power

Make Things Happen

Do You Make Things Happen or Do You Always Ask “What Happened” Make no mistake there are two kinds of people on this planet: people who make things happen and everybody else. Everybody else seems to walk around thinking that […]

Inner Peace

5 Ways Meditation Nurtures the Spirit

Meditation has slowly become a practice commonplace in our homes and lives. For some reason, the thought of meditation seems to have a religious note about it, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Atheist, Christian, Wiccan, […]

Subconscious Power

The Power of the Present Moment

Tap the power of the Present Moment to Achieve Breakthroughs Has this ever happened to you? You were thinking about a problem and no matter how hard you focus it seems that you’re stuck. You’ve gone over the problem several […]

Self Improvement

Focus and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a somewhat vague term for many people, invoking ancient Buddhist beliefs. While the practice of mindfulness does go back thousands of years and includes meditative practices, it is much broader. Mindfulness refers to a specific learned state of […]